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Creating art was my true love as a child. As I grew older, I abandoned my art and went into medical studies. This eventually led me into alternative medicine. Soon before having children, I came back to my passion of art.


As a mother of two boys, I have had the opportunity to witness and absorb their wild animal energies. Motherhood has helped me to reconnect with my deeper instinctual self….the self that all humans contain, but which often times has been suppressed in order to be the “good little girl or boy” that we are taught and conditioned to be.


I see this disconnect from our instinctual animal selves as ultimately leading to a disconnect from and destruction of Mother Earth and all her creatures. This stems from a belief that we humans are separate from nature, and the wild.


In addition to being artist and mother, I have been a practitioner of homeopathic medicine and Craniosacral Therapy. All of these practices have, and continue to inform one another in a rich and powerful way, keeping me awake to the subtleties and interconnections between all that exists.


My art studio is at the Casket Arts Building in Northeast Minneapolis. I look forward to sharing my work with many of you at a future show, or through a private visit.

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