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I enjoy the process of creating art for commissions. Many clients have a connection with a particular animal, often representing a totem of theirs. These clients are inspired through greater self-discovery as we work together in finding imagery that enlivens their being.


The following is a client’s testimonial regarding how this process works:


The first time I saw Paula's art, I knew I had found my next commissioned piece. Her surreal and fantastical blends of animal and human beings are some of the most beautiful and haunting drawing/paintings I have ever seen. They look 100 times better “in real” than they do online. I met Paula for the first time at Art-A-Whirl, the largest and busiest art crawl in the Twin Cities. She was very present and responsive to my questions, leaving me feeling confident about her ability to create a commission, without feeling pressured into anything. The process went like this:


• We met in her studio where she asked lots of questions about me, my interests, my tastes and my space. Then we worked out the final cost based on size.


• In the next two weeks, Paula researched my commission and had several questions for me before presenting some initial drawings. My feeling when I saw the initial sketch:  WOW! She completely captured everything in my thoughts and made them even better!


• Once the sketch was completed, she continued to share the process with me and offered for me to see the piece in several stages (in person and via email), welcoming my input.


• The final product blew me away. Paula offered her help in hanging my piece, and once hung, she added final touches directly to my wall….extending lines from the image. The piece is something I show off to everyone coming to my home.


I would highly recommend hanging any of Paula’s art in your home. However, if you want something truly unique and individually made for you, you should chat with her about a commission. If you wish to speak with me directly, I'm happy to answer all of your questions.


Hava Berman




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