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B.A. Indiana University, Bloomington, IN, 1990

B.S. Indiana University, Bloomington, IN, 1995



2016 Casket Arts, Minneapolis, MN, “The Art of Shape-Shifting”.

2016 Squirrel Haus, Minneapolis, MN. “Surge”.



2015 Minnesota Center for Homeopathy, Minneapolis, MN.

2014 Om Gallery, Minneapolis, MN, “Unleashing the Wild”.

2011 Corazon Gallery, Minneapolis, MN. “Tethered”.

2010 Sirena Gallery, Taos, NM. “Delusions”.

2009 Indianapolis Art Center, Indianapolis, IN. “Vulnerability and


2008 Winchester Gallery, Duluth, MN. “Connections”.

2001 Sirena Gallery, Taos, NM.  Solo show.



2015 Artistry (Inez Greenberg Gallery), Bloomington, MN. “It’s Personal”. (Two-person


2015 Flow Art Space, Minneapolis, MN. “Salon”.

2014 Gallery 148, MCAD, Minneapolis, MN. “Die Wunderkammer”.

2014 Bloomington Art Center, Bloomington, MN. “38th Annual Members’ Juried Art


2014 Bloomington Art Center, Bloomington, MN. “Fruitful and Multiplying”.

2014 Gallery 360, Minneapolis, MN. Group Show.

2013 Soo Visual Arts Center, Minneapolis, MN. “Untitled 10”.

2013 Art-a-Whirl, Casket Arts Building, Minneapolis, MN.

2012 Ad Hoc Art Gallery, Minneapolis, MN.

2012 Paul Larson Gallery, University Of Minnesota.  “Portals”.  Three-person exhibition.

2011 Casket Arts Building, Minneapolis, MN. “Cache”.

2010 The Minneapolis Institute of Art, Minneapolis, MN.  “Foot in the Door Show”.

2009 Vine Art Center, Minneapolis, MN.  “Nature: Provocations, Reflections, Abstractions”.

2009 CultureInside, Online Exhibition. “Rooted.”

2008 Premier Gallery, Minneapolis, MN. “Genus Elephas”. Minnesota Center for Book Arts,

Minneapolis, MN.  “Situations”.

2007 Coffman Art Gallery, University of Minnesota.  “Psychological Portraits”. Two-person


2006 Intermedia Arts, Minneapolis, MN.  “W.A.R.M.  Juried Exhibition: “Our Roots”.

2005 Coffman Art Gallery, University of Minnesota.  Three-person exhibition

2003 The 700 Building, Minneapolis, MN.  Two-person show.

2001 Sirena Gallery, Taos, NM.  Solo show.

2000 The Soap Factory, Minneapolis,MN.  “W.A.R.M. Mentor Program Exhibition.”

2000 The Austellung of Payerbach, Salzberg, Austria.  “100 Sacred Visions”.

Minnetonka Center for the Arts, Wayzata, MN.  “The Figure Show”.



Quinton Skinner, Minnesota Monthly, MNMO Best New Art 2016, Jan 2016,

Toby Israel,  “The Wise and the Innocent: A Story of Trust”, Jan 2016,

“Where Do You Go When Nowhere is Safe?”, Apr 10, 2015

“Wanderer I know You”, Apr 17, 2015

“The Wandering Tree”, Jul 30, 2015

Toby Israel,  “For the Quietly Wild Ones”, Mar 9, 2015,

 “The Artemis in All of Us”, Jun 12, 2015,


“How to Fly: Letter to a Fractured Being”, Aug 23, 2015,


Frank Shifreen and Gila Paris, Rooted – The Premiere, 2009.



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